Santa Lucia Wine Club is an idea born to bring wine, olive oil, and land enthusiasts closer to the place of production, the philosophy that inspires it, and the emotions that arise from it, even through digital channels. Those who produce from native vines have the natural task of making their wines tasted, as not everyone knows all the native Italian grape varieties, and even fewer people taste them.

Physically reaching us in the countryside is not always possible for everyone due to time, costs, and distance. Therefore, we have thought of opening a dialogue with us producers online as well, giving enthusiasts the opportunity to buy and taste our wines from home by purchasing them online. Perceiving the taste differences between individual vintages, linked to the different climate of each season, even from home. You can capture and memorize the intensity that characterizes many artisanal products. And understand better what you have in your glass, enhancing your own experiences and sensitivities. If two different glasses of wine are on the table, the empty one leaves you with an irrefutable taste verdict, regardless of the drinker's experience.

As producers, we were born in 1822, by the will of a bourgeois family from Trani in love with their land, who moved to Naples at the end of the 19th century for work reasons. The central body of the company consists of a villa with walls made of local white stone, so wide that we were able to build a small room inside the perimeter wall. The cellars are below ground level, cool even in summer. And the dry stone perimeter walls are the thanks of a convicted man released after an unjust theft conviction, thanks to the determined legal action of a great-grandfather who was a magistrate.

Since 2009, we have been working in organic farming to respect the countryside, the consumer, and ourselves as the first "customers" of the winery. Since 2016, we proudly display the organic certification on the label for all our wines as well as for the olives. Not yet for the olive oil, as we rely on a trusted nearby oil mill that is not yet certified.

We produce only 4 native wines and extra virgin olive oil. All of them are very special and rich in aroma and flavor. Our wines are not as renowned as those from colleagues and masters in Burgundy or Bordeaux, but they are real, sincere, healthy, not too fashionable, and not too expensive. But with high aspirations in terms of quality. Spending well while drinking well is somewhat our goal.

Here is the presentation of the "Santa Lucia" products:

  • Fior di Ribes, Castel del Monte DOCG, 90% Bombino Nero grapes. A Rosé, a queen in the glass. We have excellence at home, but often we don't know them. The triumph of delicacy combined with freshness.
  • Gazza Ladra, Puglia IGT Fiano in purity. Structure combined with freshness, ages well up to 6-7 years and beyond. A guarantee, I challenge anyone to recognize the Puglian origins rather than the Irpinian or even northern ones of this wine.
  • Il Melograno, Castel del Monte DOP Rosso, 100% Nero di Troia grapes. Our flagship for quality/price, often exceeding the threshold of 90/100 awarded by both the best international and domestic press. Multi-awarded up to 95/100, without ever going into battle, except on the table. Fruit, structure, soft tannins, a cocktail of persistent flavors.
  • Le More, Castel del Monte DOCG Riserva, 100% Nero di Troia grapes. An emperor of the Murge for longevity, intensity, and persistence. Loves crystal challenges with Aglianico, Nebbiolo, Grenache, accompanied by good music, good company, and a bit of oxygen. 92/100 from the US press and 93/100 from the national press, the best critical scores.
  • Oil: It's an Extra Virgin made from the La Coratina cultivar in purity. Abundant polyphenols, natural spiciness, ideal for dressing vegetables and raw dishes or for connoisseurs only. If you try it, other oils will no longer have much flavor. Avoid it on plain fish, at least for beginners. A true weapon on your plate, but only for pleasure.

Welcome to the Santa Lucia Wine Club. We won't disappoint you, and we remain at your disposal.

Roberto Perrone Capano


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